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Well if you didn't read my last journal, I wasn't able to regain my old domain name. seems to be out of business and I couldn't contact them about getting the domain name back.  So I settled on something similar and a bit longer.

Check it out and lemme know what you think!  Vote on my poll (seriously please)
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I currently need a new domain name since the company I bought it from is not around now and hasn't been around for weeks.  They own my domain name of and I can't buy it from another site.  I would love if anyone reading this could take a look at my work, or give me a simple, yet creative name that might work for a new fresh site for myself.  It sucks I have to switch now, but if anyone has an idea lemme know.  I will take the top 5 best suggestions and put a poll up for people to vote.  Start giving me ideas!  Something I would like is a weird name, a graphics oriented name, something to do with my name (anthony giacomino), or whatever.  Thanks and please respond!


Devious Journal Entry

Fri Apr 13, 2007, 9:41 PM

Version 2 of is up.  ple… check it out!!


Wed Jun 21, 2006, 11:34 AM

My new website is up and running and I urge you to visit and drop a comment here!  I would really appreciate it.  I'll hopefully have the portfolio up very soon so people can view my work at my website or on deviant art.  So visit, or click my website button at the top of my page and look around.  I offer all of the services there for a great price.  

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So recently I just got news that I will be working here at a communication design/advertising place where I will be an intern and hopefully get a lot more experienced and maybe even get to make a few things for clients.  Sounds pretty good to me.  I start this summer and I can't wait!